Patent Drawings

Figure49-VB Display within Housing 080804 Figure48-Tripod Assembly Detented 080804 Figure47-Tripod Assembly Knobs 080804 Figure46-Tripod Assembly Standing 080804 Figure45-STRAP MOUNT BUMPER 080804 Figure44-STRAP MOUNT 080804 Figure43-SHOULDER STRAP 080804 Figure42-RF PICKUP SENSOR DIAGRAM 080804 Figure41-Wiring Harness Assembly Diagram 080804 Figure31-VB Display Driver Layer with Microcapsules 080804 Figure30-VB Display Driver Layer 080804 Figure29-VB Display Tray 080804 Figure28-Display Cartridge Assembly Drive Side 080804 Figure27-Display Roller Assembly Jumper 080804 Figure26-Roller Flex Jumper Assembly 080804 Figure25-Roller Display Centering Subassembly 080804 Figure24-Roller Subassembly 080804 Figure23-Roller Subassembly 080804 Figure22-Display & Slipring Cartridge Assembly 080804 Figure21-Display Cartridge Assembly 080804 Figure20-Display Electronics Logical Diagram 080804 Figure19-Display Layers 080804 Figure18-Display Layers 080804 Figure17-Manual Case Assemly 080804 Figure16-Manual Mount Plate Assembly Spring Drive 080804 Figure15-Motor Driven Upper Casing Assembly 080804 Figure14-Manual Drive Assembly 080804 Figure13-Drive Mount Plate & Motor 080804 Figure12-Upper SpingClutch Drive Casing Assembly 080804 Figure11-Lower Case Assembly 080804 Figure10-Lower Case Assembly 080804 Figure09-Outer Housing Main Extrusion 080804 Figure08-Control Access Door 080804 Figure07-Wireless Antenna Fascia Assembly 080804 Figure06-Solar Panel Fascia Assembly 080804 Figure05-Interface Assembly 080804 Figure04-Biometric Sensor Interface 080804 Figure03-Biometric Interface Bezel Assembly 080804 Figure02-Bezel Assembly 080804 Figure01-VBM 01 assembly iso 080804


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