LG Rollable OLED @CES

Get ready! Our vision of #Mobile #Rollable is enable with this display. LG will show off its paper-thin, rollable OLED panel at CES http://engt.co/1kEagMu via @engadget


LG’s Latest Rollable Roadmap

Who is ready for Big and Rollable?

All the mobile devices today claiming to be big today don’t stand a chance. They will be like postage stamps on a letter but they will still be useful. They are our computers and we will use them when we need to communicate or have a quick task we need to accomplish.

When it comes to productivity, collaboration and entertainment, there is no substitute for a large rollable display that rolls out when you need it and retracts back into its portable protective housing/case when you don’t.

Here is the roadmap: http://lgdnewsroom.com/products-solutions/next-generation-display/4554





Two questions: How much information do we gather visually? Why do we need larger Mobile Displays?

As human beings, we learn about the world around us through our five physical senses. The most dominant and highly developed is vision. In fact, 80% to 90% of the information that we gather comes to us through our eyes. Our vision is our primary means of relationship to the world around us.

Mobile devices currently have a limited viewing area. As a result, with current glass display technology, we are forced to carry, juggle and switch between multiple devices in an attempt to be productive, collaborate or be entertained.

Rollable Displays are the solution because they offer the size of Desktop displays when extracted from their case and offer the portability of current mobile devices when retracted.

Our Vision of computing “Shareables” will Simplify our Mobile lives with just 2 devices (Smartphone & Rollable Display) instead of the 3, 4, 5 or 6 (Wearables, Smartphone, Phablet, Mini-Tablet, Tablet, Laptop, Desktop) that Apple, Google and Microsoft want you to buy.