About RollRR

RollRR is bringing people together through a new, mobile collaboration platform. RollRR’s  use of a large screen, color display in a mobile form allows multiple users to work together around a single mobile device to increase collaboration and productivity.

The beauty in RollRR is the fact it can be used anywhere. Roll it up and take it anywhere you need for the utmost productivity.

Imagine an Apple iPad that was 23, 42, 55 or even 60 inches. Now imagine that same iPad is paper thin, so thin in fact it rolls just like paper into a tube so you can take it anywhere.

With all the computing and communication power you need in your hand already, you simply connect your smartphone and suddenly you are working and collaborating full size everywhere!

No more sitting around a conference room table staring at a power point presentation managed by a single person in the room or watching people hide behind their laptops.  Now you can present, brainstorm, edit, build, design and develop together as a team using a single hardware device.



Is VR and Oculus dead to Apple?

CES+2016_18+inch+Rollable+OLEDWill Apple choose SharedReality (Large Mobile Shareable touchscreen display) via Rollable OLED? Oculus founder says no Mac support http://appleinsider.com/articles/16/03/03/oculus-founder-says-no-mac-support-coming-until-apple-builds-good-system-with-better-graphics via @AppleInsider