Communication in times of crisis or the “new normal” post-pandemic:

We are solving the problem of getting the exact right message in front of the of the exact right audience at the exact right place at the exact right time without months, weeks or even days of preparation. As soon as your art-work is ready to deploy you just need to pick a spot to place Rollrr Sign.

Rollrr is the intersection of DOOH (DigitalOut-of-Home) and Mobile

Rollrr Sign is bringing advertisements into the realm of DOOH through a highly movable mobile digital signage platform. Rollrr’s use of a large screen, programmable, color display in a mobile form allows multiple locations to be served by a large digital sign that can easily be transported, set up, connected to the cloud console, and online in a matter of seconds. When you are done with that campaign take down is even faster.

The beauty of Rollrr’s Digital Mobile Sign is the fact it can be used anywhere. Roll it up and take it anywhere, set it up quickly where and when you need for the utmost interaction.

Whether you are communicating with your audience about public health information, your latest sale or just sending a smile to make someone happy Rollrr is flexible enough to change messages at a moment’s notice…