About RollRR

Attract, Retain, Convert. Move the Sign not your product! Make your message unavoidable. Mobile Digital Interactive “Street Furniture” takes the message to where your customer is located. With our Mobile AdTech you can literally place your ad in the midst of your highest potential customers during the time they are there and move it to another location when done.

Rollrr is bringing advertisements into the mobile world through a highly movable digital signage platform. Rollrr’s use of a large screen, programmable, color display in a mobile form allows multiple locations to be served by a large digital sign that can easily setup and online in a matter of seconds.

The beauty in Rollrr’s Digital Mobile Sign is the fact it can be used anywhere. Roll it up and take it anywhere, set it up quickly where and when you need for the utmost interaction.

Imagine an Apple iPad that was 42 inches. Now imagine that same iPad is paper-thin so, thin in fact it rolls just like paper into a tube so you can take it anywhere.

Interact with Rollrr’s Digital Sign via Voice, Computer vision or even NFC Beacon.


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