“5 Miracles” of “Shareables” (Mobile 3.0)

“Creating something like the Pantheon takes unthinkable creative vision,” says Bran Ferren. “It is my belief that to create these rare game-changers requires you to pull off at least five miracles. No matter how talented, rich or smart you are, you only get one miracle,” he says. “Rare visionaries have the ability to notice when others have provided enough of the miracles to bring the goal within reach.”

1. System on Chip (Very small computers)

2. High Speed Communication Everywhere (WiFi, LTE, Bluetooth)

3. Unlimited Storage (Cloud, Device and Synchronization)

4. Rollable Displays (OLED, E-Ink, Durable plastic displays)

5. Slip Ring Connectors (Moving electricity over a rotating point)

RollRR integrates these “5 Miracles” allowing us to create large mobile rollable displays known as “Shareables”.

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